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The belt dryer in the use of common faults and maintenance

Source: | Date: 2018-03-27 | Hits:
Keywords: The belt dryer in the use of common faults and maintenance

Although belt dryers are currently more efficient and energy-saving dryers, there are also malfunctions in actual operation. What we do is to find out the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it, so that the belt dryer can serve us. Therefore, when the customer chooses the belt dryer, it is necessary to pay attention to the configuration of the dryer. The selection of the filter on the belt dryer must be compatible with the raw machine channel and the aperture of the dryer. Generally, the diameter of the mesh of the filter is selected to be dry. Machine access channel or aperture can be 0.2 times. What are the common faults of the belt dryer in use? How to solve it? How to carry out maintenance? Kewei professionals will introduce the following points:

1. Check the gas source triples before starting the machine, discharge the water and ensure sufficient oil level.

2. Make sure that the dryer equipment is well grounded, and the temperature instrument on the equipment should pass the metrological verification.

3. Inspect and maintain the components. If the bearing is lubricated, adjust the pulleys, check the electrical circuit, the door rocker, the pipe joints, etc. and fix them.

4. raw material fire failure, may be the design of the dryer equipment, or raw materials can not lead to smoke caused by the fire in the dryer. In addition, it may be caused by human factors, such as the forced heating of a too small dryer to cause a fire in order to achieve a drying effect. At this time, it is recommended to replace the dryer equipment, check whether the dryer is installed correctly, whether it is leaking air or increasing wind pressure. Use the dryer properly and carefully increase the temperature of the dryer to avoid ignition.

5. There is a problem of one-time baking of raw materials. This is mainly due to the reason that the dryer is too small or the dryer is used improperly. In addition, wind grid pressure, flow calculation errors can also lead to such failures. The drying equipment can be replaced or renewed, or the manufacturer can be required to recalculate the changes in wind pressure and flow rate. If it is due to improper operation, the operator will operate correctly in accordance with the instructions.

6. Ensure that there is no loosening of the fixing bolts on the base, and that the supporting springs are tightly connected and elastic. The control of the computer board, the rotor and the heat exchanger have good flexibility.

7. Keep the equipment clean, wipe the equipment daily, and clean the fluff in the dust box to ensure ventilation. Open the rear lid regularly to clean the inside of the device.

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