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  • 30B High-Effective Universal Grinder

    30B High-Effective Universal Grinder

    Overview: The machine (set) is extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and pesticide industries for pulverizing dry brittle materials .

  • WFJ Micro Grinder

    WFJ Micro Grinder

    Overview: The equipment consists of main machine, assistant machine and control cabinet.The process of produce is continuous.The machine is extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries for pulverizing dry brittle materials .

  • CSJ coarse crusher

    CSJ coarse crusher

    Overview: Product UsageThe machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food, construction and other industries. Processing of hard and hard-to-grind materials, including smashing of plastics, copper wire, Chinese herbs, rubber, etc., can also …

  • Grass and straw special grinder-2

    Grass and straw special grinder-2

    Overview: MFSP crusher is a new type of crusher designed for the comminution of pasture and straw. The machine has the following features:1. Ultra-wide crushing chamber design to facilitate the crushing of pasture and straw2. Lateral large feed inlet, convenien…

  • WF micro crusher products

    WF micro crusher products

    Overview: WF-130 micro millThe main purpose:This machine is suitable for material crushing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. It is suitable for small and medium batch production or laboratory sample testing.working principle:This machi…

  • Pasture, straw special grinder

    Pasture, straw special grinder

    Overview: The MFSP series crusher is designed for the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and is specially designed for the comminution processing of pastures and straws. The crusher has a simple structure, small dynamic consumption, high ou…

  • ZF-type Chinese herb grinding unit

    ZF-type Chinese herb grinding unit

    Overview: Features:This machine is beautiful, elegant, novel and elegant. The machine is precision-manufactured with stainless steel inside and outside. The machine uses a fixed cutter head and movable hammer to move relative to each other, so that the object c…

  • WLF-800 Turbine Crusher

    WLF-800 Turbine Crusher

    Overview: Equipment Specifications Model: WLF-Series Turbine CrusherOne main use:WLF turbine crusher is a new generation crusher based on our companys accumulation of crushed materials and the actual conditions of our country. The machine is mainly applied to c…

  • GFS高效粉碎机


    Overview: Application range:The machine consists of three parts: host, auxiliary engine, and electric control box. It has the functions of wind-selection, no screen, uniform particle size, and continuous production process. It is suitable for the pulverization …

  • PSJ-500 crusher products

    PSJ-500 crusher products

    Overview: The machine is used to cut and crush the knife rows and grids on the two axes to crush the filter cake or materials that are formed into pieces due to moisture and achieve the purpose of crushing. The crushing size is adjusted by adjusting the double-…